New FTTH connection

We are ready for the future challenges


Long before the 2020 deadline set by the European Broadband Strategy and Policy, which aims to guarantee everyone access to an ultra-wideband domestic Internet connection, Deca Design chose Fastweb's dedicated FTTH optical fiber. The FTTH technology exploits the entire potential of Internet ensuring a faster, efficient and reliable data transmission, because it's entirely made of optical fiber. A service able to support entirely the potential of new technologies and transform Deca Design into a 4.0 company ready for any future challenge.

No ultra-wide band, no 4.0 Industry

The well-known 4.0 Industry it's a real "fourth industrial revolution": it's a transformation that concerns concepts such as automation, digitalization as well as interconnection between companies, products and consumers. A deep change that involves the digitalization of business processes and the ever-increasing use of large amounts of data. This is why the concept of 4.0 Industry is closely linked to the Internet and, above all, to the ultra-wideband.

What is the FTTH fiber

In telecommunications the term Fiber to the x - FTTx indicates a network's architecture that uses fiber to carry the signal. FTTH (Fiber To The Home) indicates that the fiber wiring arrives inside the home / company allowing high performance connections. Compared to the common copper cable, therefore, the optical fiber is able to transport data and information more quickly, as well as being more manageable and less prone to wear, risk of interruptions or interference.

Why we chose the FTTH optical fiber


The FTTH fiber optic connection that we have chosen, with a dedicated line and minimum guaranteed bandwidth of 10 MB in download / upload, is already prepared for upgrading (future proof). An obligatory choice for us because we need to be ready for the 4.0 Industry, future developments and, above all, to satify our customers the requests.

The need for ultra-wideband internet connection, indeed, arises from specific requests of our customers who have been asking for a long time to work directly on their servers with a view to real collaborative networking.

"A high-performance connection offers many opportunities - explains the owner Deni De Cesero - in particular for whom deals, like us, with a considerable amount of data such as backups on remote servers and in the future, perhaps, the outsourcing of servers, the Smart working, etc. It was the awareness of the various possible advantages that led me to choose, despite a higher monthly fee, this Internet connection technology.”