Internal vs external R&D

A winning partnership is always the best solution!


We had just got back to work from Christmas break, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, when we were dragged into one of the thorniest debates in our sector: is it better an internal or external R&D? Today, indeed, there is much talk about the customer-supplier chain, the increasing importance of belonging to a chain of success and the fact that a single company is no longer enough to meet the challenges of the market.

Despite this awareness it seems that, in the high-tech sectors such as the mechanical automation, the debate is nowhere near finished: Italian entrepreneurs, in fact, find very difficult entrusting the design to an external R&D. The reason may be found in the true nature of the Italian businesses: the success of our SMEs, indeed, depends on the synergy between a high technical know-how and a very flexible and inexpensive company structure. Entrepreneurs need to continually raise the technological level of their products, as well as containing the fixed costs, to maintain this status quo. Hence they need to outsource a part of their workflow.

The opposition to the outsourcing is tied to the perception of a lack of secrecy, possible delays on the delivering and the difficulty of synchronising the design tasks. Control, in fact, is the key for those who want to manage a company.

The benefits of an external R&D

Using an external resource allows companies to maintain a flexible structure and, at the same, benefit from high technical skills avoiding high costs. An engineering firm, indeed, gaining experience in different areas, develops more skills and a bigger vision that allow to locate and develop innovative solutions.

Surely the debate would cease if the external R&Ds were able to synchronize themselves with clients, working as a part of the company and guarantee an absolute secrecy. So as to leave a space only for a winning partnerships.

We are absolutely convinced about this, that's why we have a proactive approach with our clients, becoming true partners of their projects and therefore ensuring efficiency as well as confidentiality.

What do you think? Have you already experienced the collaboration with an external engineering firm or haven't you found the right supplier yet? Wishing you a 2016 "full of business" we invite you to explore our website and discover the benefits of outsourcing the design phase to Deca Desing!