The Italian industry 4.0 was the protagonist in Parma

MACSPE-15_news (1).jpg

In March 23rd 2018, some of Deca Design's employees visited the MecSpe fair in Parma, the exhibition of technologies for innovation in the manufacturing field, focused on a complete overview of the sector that, this year, has offered 12 thematic halls, 28 units demonstrations, 5 corners of excellence, 2,260 companies, 58 conferences and workshops, in 110,000 square meters of exhibition space.

In the wake of the priorities established by the Italian Government, the main topic of the 2018 edition was the Industry 4.0, declined in all possible forms referable to the manufacturing world. Here some of the issues discussed during the event: connectivity and tools for small businesses, collaborative robotics in a parametrized production and/or small batches, product development with4.0 method, simulation of products and processes, traceability, maintenance, additive manufacturing and 4.0 logistics.

The core of the fair was the Digital Factory 4.0 hall, in which it was possible to observe the decisive role of the 4.0 enabling technologies in the various applications, sectors and contexts.

In Hall 6, instead, at the H44 booth promoted by AIPI - Italian association of industrial designers - Deca Design, in the figure of Marco Bottarel, has taken part as a speaker at a conference "Subsea Transmissions - Torque Limiting Joint". The conference was an opportunity to present to the public a recent project of ours regarding a joint used in underwater equipment for laying and managing cables. After a brief description of the application we reviewed the different steps of the project: the analysis of the client's needs, the study of the specific application, the formulation of the solution, the detailed engineering, the realization, the tests and commissioning.

MecSpe 2018 was an opportunity for us to find more detailed information on new products and machinery, new applications and techniques. An experience to get some news as well as to inform: a mutual exchange on the state of the art of the technologies and on the latest progress of the industry 4.0.