Living and Working in the Mountain

Deca Design in Stefano Vietina's book

Vivere e lavorre in montagna_Copertina.jpg"From Belluno to discover abysses, with a $ 8 million underwater dive robot entirely in-house designed and operating today in the seabed of the Norwegian Sea for laying Oil pipelines. But also for their maintenance. This is how Deca Design has celebrated its twenty years of activity, moving on a new headquarter in Belluno, and re-launching new recruitments and challenges in the mechanical design. And after exploring the abysses, now the dream is the aerospace field."

Thus begins the chapter that Stefano Vietina, journalist and communications expert, dedicates to Deca Design in his latest book "Living and Working in the Mountain", which collects 63 ordinary and extraordinary work stories of labors and goals, desires and successes of young and old people who have chosen Alps to live and work. A book that seeks to answer this simple question: are there the economic conditions that can entice young people to live here?

"We are proud to be one of the many stories told by Vietina - told us Deni De Cesero - "and to contribute somehow to this varied and effective fresco of mountain life, which recounts and enhances our land, our work, our values and, above all, talk about the future."

Based on 63 articles published in recent months on the "Corriere delle Alpi" and other newspapers, these stories are made of excellence, men, enterprises, culture and curiosities. A path that reveals the peculiarities of those who decide to live and work in the mountains: people who are reserved and tenacious, capable and creative, who do not fear fatigue and sacrifice to reach the peak.

A book that, in addition to the protagonists and local citizens, may also positively affect the tourists because it's able to show the best of Alps highlighting some unexpected features.

Vietina's book (Edizioni Arco, pages 300 - euro 16,00) was presented at the Miramonti Majestic in Cortina last August 25th, in the presence of Biagio Goldstein Bolocan author of the novel "The translator", and can be purchased online on