3D mechanical design

Industrial equipment, automated machines and more

We specialize in 2D and 3D parametric design of industrial equipment, subsea machines, lifting system and automated machines for assembling and machining mechanical components. We work in partnership with the client even in the simplification of existing machines to reduce production costs and improve the quality of machining.

Our team deals with the full cycle of mechanical design using advanced 3D modelling software, thus keeping under constant control the whole project. Beyond the technical skills required to the design, it assures a constant efforts to project-management: it's essential to ensure the coordination of teamwork, the timing of delivery and the quality of the technical documentation produced.

Conceptual and basic design

After the preliminary phase of information gathering we drawn up a work plan (concept) and start with the product's study (basic design). The designing begins and several alternatives are analyzed considering technical and construction issues. In this step the first drawings are shared and analyzed with the client which becomes active and conscious part of the project.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study involves the verification of a project to assess the possibility of realization from the point of view of technical and economic development. It provides: technical studies for the comparison of alternative scenarios in terms of cost, performance and speed, evaluation of the economic benefits, possible environmental impact studies, multi-criteria analysis.

Engineering and executive projects

After choosing the more profitable project, the next step is the engineering and executive project using a 3D CAD software. The engineering process allows, in the end, to prepare the construction drawings, the diagrams and the data flow processing for CNC machines that will take care of the final output (components, assembly, ect).

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