Mechanical design services

Special plants and equipment, automation and robotics

Deca Design is a state-of-the-art technical engineering firm able to implement the expectations of its customers. Ensuring optimal results, it developed a working method which involves several steps.

  • Premise: receipt of customer's requirements
  • Exploration: project requirements, business planning, economic analysis
  • Concept: evaluation of ideas, feasibility study, production of study models, virtual prototypes
  • Design: identification of best proposals, definition of technical details, verification of compliance with the requirements, analysis and functional calculation
  • Production: construction drawings, installation support, coordinating client - builder, service testing

Tailored mechanical design

Working in close relationship with the customers allows us to recognise their needs, supporting them with the utmost reliability and discretion. We offer a complete range of solutions, services and products to suit your business needs in a flexible way. We improve your business by integrating collaboration, mobility, efficiency and safety.

We are able to assist you, not only in the design of new special plants and machines, but also to optimize existing mechanical equipment and lines to improve their performances.

Our services are strictly tailored to your needs and range from the 2D/3D mechanical design to the FEM analysis, from the 3D rendering to the production of manuals up to the training and on-site support.